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Who loves Rice Stuffed Tomatoes?


Let me first say that I’m a foodie. So do not be surprised if you see a lot of food post. But they’ll be healthy food posts that everyone can enjoy. This is one of the blog’s that got my attention. And it’s on the most simple vegetable. At times it’s unfortunately called the most boring veggie. Read this short excerpt:

I hope you are not buying tomatoes at a supermarket in September. OK, if you are, I hope you are making sure they are not from Mexico, in September. Because right now is prime tomato harvest season near you. Actually, ALL fruits and veggies coming down with a blasting speed, making me a completely mad woman because I want to buy them ALL, and in fact, I seem to be doing just that – see my last farmers market haul. I keep ordering produce by boxes in advance, out of fear I might be left out, and the last one was of taxi tomatoes, “because they are yellow, mom”. Right, makes sense and just like that, I’m not “mommy” anymore. They do grow up fast, and I’m just fine with that.

Rice stuffed tomatoes is an entirely European concept. Born in North America, I’m not sure what kind of stuffed tomatoes (if any) you have tried, but it is my immigrant’s duty to convince you that stuffing tomatoes are easier than stuffed peppers, and for sure cabbage rolls (solution => lazy cabbage rolls). Stuffed tomatoes with brown rice, black beans, homemade enchilada sauce and melted cheese on top, make healthy vegetarian budget-friendly dinner. If eating less meat is your goal (and it should be, as traditional Western diet is heavy on animal products), rice stuffed tomatoes are for you; I served them along pre-made falafel from Costco (which was OK), and a quick sauce made with Greek yogurt, parsley, and garlic. It is definitely kid friendly dinner, depending what your kids are “friends” with, which we made clear before depends entirely on you (not your kids) => 5 ways to make kids eat healthily.


That is I feel is really important that it’s even delicious and healthy enough for children to eat as well. Sadly you have to consider that the child obesity rate.



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If you want to learn more this dish and many then you can click on the pic of Olena. And view other recipes she has to offer.  Oh and one last thing if you’re interested in spices you can use these to create yummy dishes then click $30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order



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