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Martha Stewart’s New Slow Cooker Recipes

Now Martha Stewart. We all know who this young lady is. This woman has been around the block for a long time. Best known for her delicious meal preparations. Ms. Stewart has now come out with a new book on slow cooker recipes.

Martha Stewart’s new slow cooker book claims to deliver foolproof recipes (including desserts) that maximize flavour. Stewart refers to the time-saving machine as a smart cooker — which sort of elevates the plug ‘n play device from simply a time-saver to a cooking tool with its own niche skill-sets — low n’ slow cooking to tenderize tasty but tough meat cuts (braising), poaching fish quickly (without fear of overcooking) and making pantry staples like chicken broth.

As I looked closer, I realized that the flip side to these slow cooker recipes— usually popular for ease and efficiency— is that many of them call for extra effort in some form. Stewart has adapted some classic dishes for the slow cooker recipes that would typically be made in a Dutch oven, but they often require the same amount of prep (searing meats or sautéeing vegetables in a pan) before you add them to your crockpot. And you’d need to add a bit of extra time to your shopping as some ingredients may not be available at your local grocer (galangal for example).

Guys, this is Martha and of course she delivers. Her editors and recipe developers spent an entire year perfecting these slow cooker recipes. There were so many amazing dishes I wanted to try,  it was hard to pick only three to test (which is why I made four) — and I’ve kept going. This book is a keeper.


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