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When are the BEST Times To Post Your Blog Content?


The meaning of blogging is something that is exceptionally much in motion.  As the new advancements that seem each

day rethink what a blog is. The thing that a blog can be, and what a blog ought to do. For a long time, blogs were

characterized as content-based sites that kept records of days, like a captain’s log on a cruise ship. Be that as it may,

this began to change as the gathering of individuals who kept blogs turned out to be more various. The more bloggers started

to investigate the points of confinement of the medium. And of the innovation that made it conceivable, the more the

limits of what could be known as a “blog” expanded.

Learning more about blogging

Today, there are a wealth of photo blogs, and there is even video blogs too. ( i.e. Youtube) Portable blogging devices may well change the meaning of blogging altogether.

By making it feasible for bloggers to make new sorts of posts, there’s another component of the blogosphere that is beginning to

reclassify blogging is the corporate blog. As more organizations enlist journalists to keep blogs with the sole motivation behind making

a positive buzz. Through their image, bloggers over the globe are contending about whether this made blogging is extremely deserving of the name.

Between these distinctive powers that are always growing and reshaping the blogosphere, it is troublesome to envision that the

meaning of what is and isn’t a blog will ever stay settled for long.

Let me start off saying that even though I had a blog for awhile, and awhile meaning about 3+ years. And even myself do not know when is the best times to publish my content.


Know what the best times to post your blog

8pm-9pm on a Thursday – YES! Post! People are tired and winding down for the week. They want something to distract them or uplift them or inspire them. POST!

9:30am on a Monday – NO! People are starting their work week, they’re knee-deep in catching up on things they need to accomplish at work and not scrolling around on the internet!

3pm on a Sunday – MAYBE… if your audience loves watching sports or spending the weekend skiing, this wouldn’t be optimal. BUT if the people who you want to attract to your blog are mostly crafters or DIY junkies, this is a great time! They’re totally online looking for new projects;)

Now you’ve got the hang of it…posting times will change your traffic and your influence if you take the time, sit down and really think about when your target reader (or customer) is going to be online.

Most of us write for an audience that is very similar to who we are, so use YOURSELF as a barometer for when to post. When are YOU browsing online (not working!) and looking for a distraction? When do YOU spend 15 minutes scrolling through your timeline? That’s when you should focus your post and engagement (you know, when you just chat with other human beings on social media because that’s what it’s made for!) efforts:) Because as important as it is to be strategic (and it’s totally important), it’s even more important to remind people that you’re a real human who really engages and doesn’t just pre-plan a bunch of posts and never bothers to actually check in and hang out!  Read more…


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