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15 Skin Care Tips You Should Follow


Ok, now I have to be brutally honest my skin care routine absolutely sucks! One of my reason: laziness. I know that’s a really lousy excuse. Now I remember purchasing Proactiv back in the day, this was when it was just making its mark in the Skin Care industry. Let me just say that the experience with that product was not good. It, unfortunately, left nasty dry patches around my nose area, I didn’t buy that particular product again.

So now what? Good question. I have just been going with the flow when it comes down to my routine. Which basically results in doing nothing at all. I’m just overwhelmed and unsure of which particular product is good for me. It’s also out of fear of buying a product that may dry out my skin again. I did eventually settle for this product right here, for now. Now the next I need to do is to use it consistently. Now going back to skin care routines I came across to good article on cleansing your face.

How to use various ways to assist with your skincare needs

Here are 15 proven steps for all your skincare needs:

1. First, figure out what kind of skin you have so that you can treat it in the best way possible.

2. Learn how to properly wash and prep your face for makeup.

3. Remember that natural ingredients can be best. Here are some that will help treat the most common issues:

4. Got a ton of products? Figure out how much you’re supposed to be using and what time of day is best to use them.

5. Honey is great for your skin. Let it soak into your skin while you’re in a warm bath.

6. What you eat can affect how your skin looks. Keep these foods in mind:

7. Avoid these common mistakes:

8. Make little lifestyle changes that will drastically improve your skin:

9. Make your own spa mask to clear up your skin and leave it feeling fresh and cleansed:

10. Use this handy chart to figure out whether or not you need to wash your face:

11. You don’t want whatever product is in your hair to end up on your face! It could clog pores and make you break out.

12. Get into a routine to make skin care more organized and simple.

13. Learn the proper order to put on facial products.

14. Remember that vitamins and nutrients are important.

15. Use ice cubes for some of your facial skin problems: 15 Skin Care Tips and Tricks For Better, Healthier Skin |

Exploring other skincare tips to follow

Now that seems like a really simple routine that any girl or guy can follow. It just takes being consistent something that I really need to do. Also remember these words:

Taking care of your skin on a regular basis takes dedication and a little bit of time. I mean, washing your face every night sounds simple, but when you’re already cozy in bed and you realize you didn’t take your makeup off yet, it’s not that simple. 15 Skin Care Tips and Tricks For Better, Healthier Skin |


So remember ladies and gentlemen we need to moisturize everyday and improve your skincare. For at the end of the day it will thank you 🙂

Oh and be before I end this post let me offer a few suggestions on some facial products that have some decent reviews on Amazon.

The Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask. These beauties have become very popular in the past year. I myself isn’t into mud mask. But I do use mud/clay for my hair. I’ll share that with you in another article.

  (InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask)


So if we follow the above 7 tips to true beauty and health you will feel and look much better.  So with that being said–, I’m signing off. 🙂

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