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10 Ways to Gain Weight During Breakfast

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This may not be for everyone, for I know the majority of folks out there is looking to losing some weight. But the one thing that gets under my skin is reading articles, videos, books etc.. Talk Weight Loss! Now let me get this out the way but I do not need to lose any weight. Nope. I’ve been thin all my life but to be really honest I’m tired of it. I mean being thin doesn’t really mean healthy. So with that being said if you are like me and would to gain some weight (The healthy way) then please read on…


In today’s world, obesity has taken epidemic proportions. And obese people are trying various methods to lose weight. But, there are people who want to gain weight for a variety of reasons.

Genetics, high metabolism, fussy eating—all can contribute to a person’s inability to gain weight. The easy way to pile on the pounds is to indulge in palate tempting pastries and deep-fried delicacies. However, that is not the healthy way to gain weight at all! If you want to gain weight, try to do it naturally. There are certain natural and healthy foods that you should include in your meal plan to gain weight. Opt for energy rich, nutrient dense foods and gain weight, the healthy way! What to have for breakfast to gain weight?


One hundred grams of oatmeal give you 400 calories while 28 grams of roasted, unsalted peanuts give you about 166 calories, with a whopping 126 calories rendered by healthy fats. Opt for rolled oats rather than steel cut ones for better taste and nutrition.

Whole eggs are powerful and calorie laden delights. Plus, it is an awesome source of protein, which means you can improve your muscle mass, and gain healthy weight. Add a starchy veggie to your double omelet for the added calorie requirement.

Those are just a few suggestions. I am a huge fan of oatmeal. Now as for making it at home….well I have to admit I prefer to buy it from my local deli. It seems when I attempt to make it just doesn’t come off as good.

So I am buying part of my breakfast when I can simply make it at home. Great way to ruin one’s budget. Lol. But anyhoo there’s no need to consume a lot of high sugary food. For ex., cakes, pastries and a slew of unhealthy nuggets. That all is defeating the purpose. Think and stay healthy and you’ll reach your goal. If you want to know more about this, then you can simply click the link…

10 Yummy Breakfast Recipes To Try Out For Weight Gain

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