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Detoxification and the Importance of It

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Introduction to a Full Body Detox

This year I made a vow, NOT a resolution for I do not believe in those at all. For I don’t trust myself to even have one. But I’m trying to make a vow to myself to drink way less soda ***side note work in progress*** and to drink more water instead.  That is when I decided I’ll be doing some sort of detox. Now the one thing I was interested in was how to completely cleanse my body.  Cleansing the inside of your body has always been a big deal to those who seek to live a healthier lifestyle. It also has the ability to shed a few pounds.  Most important doing a detox will help strengthen the body’s first line of defenses against toxic environmental factors.  You can experience a healthier immune system that will help fight off diseases better and more efficiently.  And the internal body will be much better off after undergoing a full body detox. With that being said I would like to share with you what I learned about different ways you can detox your body. Let’s begin:-)

One option for a Detox: Water Consumption

The first method is very simple and of course utilized by everyone (expect my beautiful teenage daughter) is by consuming H2O. It’s been said that one of the best ways to detox is by drinking water. In this method, water is the only thing that one is able to ingest for a period of 24 hours. This will ensure enough time so that the colon is cleansed. Consider what the main functions of the colon actually are in the body. The colon is used to excrete wastes from the body. Another purpose of the colon is used in water absorption. Now these two functions is important to having and keeping a healthy body.


Another option for a Detox:  Organic Juice Cleansing

Water is the only thing that must be ingested during this process. The same could be said for trying of a Juice Cleanse or Juice Detox.  I’m  referring to is fresh Organic fruit or Vegetable juice. The best way of this method is usage of a juice extractor.  The best example of this body cleanse is fresh fruit.  The type most recommended would be organic . This is an excellent way to clean out your system throughout the day to give you a total body detoxification. The organ in our bodies that benefits is our kidneys. This is the one organ in the body that does a a great job in cleansing your system.  Unfortunately our kidney’s can not remove every harmful particle from the body. That’s why a detoxification process is needed. The will the kidneys be cleaner  And it will also be able to do their job more properly than before a detox. Of course, there are plenty of other benefits that one can experience by undergoing a detoxification process. You also have to remember it’s greatly benefits and promotes a healthier immune system. Let’s face it: each winter everyone usually experiences nasty bacterial colds. And other ailments that effect us. So we need to keep that in mind.  And with a simply lifestyle change a detoxification is necessary!

My final thoughts

 Most important is the way I go through my own detoxification process. Now I’m all for a Juice Detox, but I do that when I have time. And make sure it a perfect combo. Because if not I’ll punk out and won’t attempt to juice anymore. But again that’s a slow work in progress. Now my second option is by drinking tea.

I’m not talking about the 3 Ballerina or Fit Tea? I think that’s what it’s called. But I consume the Iaso Tea. Iaso Tea is an all natural, 100% organic tea which includes a special blend of 9 safe and edible herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, and Myrrh. This blend of ingredients allows gentle cleansing of the whole body. If you’re curious on what this product is all about click here These are all ways to make sure that your body stays healthy and is completely detoxified. By performing these detoxification methods at least twice per month, one is assured that his or her body will be in a continuous optimal state:-)

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