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Is there really an authentic way to make Curry Chicken?


Chicken curry, also known as curry chicken, is an especially popular dish and its popularity reaches all over the world. I’m very familiar with this dish for I grew up eating this food.  As a matter of fact I would eat this all the time.  Also Curry chicken is one of the staple meals of Guyana. Which I’m proud to say is my ethnic background. Making chicken curry is a great way to use boneless chicken. In my opinion, how I like to devour my version is to have it accompanied with the bone. There are many different types of chicken curry recipes including Chinese style curry, Thai style curry, Indian style curry of course Guyanese-style curry. Sorry had to add that in here and many more. It can be fun to experiment with boneless chicken curry recipes and/or other similar recipes. And you can alter the spices, some recipes do require you to add nuts or fruit. Now mind you I never heard of preparing it  this way. To each its own as they say. Now there are other ways to experiment utilizing with different fish or meats in the curry recipe.

There are many different kinds of Chicken dishes to explore

There are a different varieties of curries and of plenty of recipes.  And you have options out there that can make it spicy and delicious meal. In Indian cuisine, a curry is a soup-like dish made with clarified butter, yogurt, spices, and chickpea flour. Other regions such as Thailand for example, use of the word curry means meat, fish, or vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce. Different regions make their curries with different ingredients. Again referencing the country of Guyana. I came across a delicious recipe from another website, the Inner Gourmet  in this version you start off by making a seasoning first. Followed by the usual indigents, one being my favorite GARAM MASALA. Another example, would be a Malay curry that consists of bay leaves and coconut milk in it. A Tamil curry will be a combination of shallow fried fish, meat and/or vegetables cooked with dry spices. A Punjabi curry will have a lot of butter and cream with this dish you would use wheat instead of rice. A lot of curry powder mixes feature turmeric which gives curry a yellow color. Ginger, coriander, pepper, cinnamon, tamarind, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg, garlic, and chilies are also used in a lot of curry recipes.

Do be afraid to experiment with other types of  Chicken Curry recipes

Indian and Thai curries can be red, green, or yellow. Red curries are made from red chilies and green curries are made from green chilies. Yellow curry is made mostly with cumin and turmeric, but it might include hot peppers as well. A boneless chicken curry might be described as hot and spicy, fragrant or fruity, depending on the ingredients and spices used. So how do you go about making a delicious curry out of some boneless chicken, some vegetables, and some spices?  Now as for tips on cooking chicken curry your way, in my opinion is the most authentic way to prep it.  If you are able to travel aboard, you can most likely purchase curry spices from said country instead of ready made powders and pastes. That’s if you prefer to have your chicken to taste more authentic. Also it’s not too difficult finding these ingredients. For their mostly found in large grocery stores, Asian and now West Indian grocery stores. The spices there are not too inexpensive. Furthermore you should not be afraid to experiment with your curries. You can make up your own curry recipes or adapt existing ones.




It’s time now for the fun part. And that is how you serve you Chicken Curry meal. This meal is often served with rice. But you can serve it with Indian spiced potatoes or Indian bread such as naan or roti. You can also make a dry curry coating for a boneless chicken recipe instead of making a sauce. For the following day, you can have it for left over’s or maybe even have a picnic or packed lunch snack. It is certainly no surprise that chicken curry is a popular spicy dish all over the world. The versatility and great flavor of curry make it a much-loved meal wherever you go.


Now I don’t want to end my post and not add a mouth-watering offer.  After reading this spicy and delicious article I want to offer my lovely audience a way to make their own curry dishes. I came across a website that has great variety of spices. Which is Watkins Curry Powder and GARAM MASALA.  This centuries old company not only an array of gourmet seasoning’s but offers Home- Bath and Body, recipes plus much more.  You’ll have to refer #327570 if placing an order.


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